Building Snowmobiles for Racing Enthusiasts Since 2017

D.O.A. Dragsleds provides customers with custom-built asphalt snowmobiles and carbon fiber parts. Travis Neyssen and our team of expert mechanics aim to produce high-performance machines that riders can rely on to win races consistently.

How We Got Started

Our team was founded for a simple and fairly straightforward reason. We wanted to buy hoods from someone who had high-quality molds. However, that builder was not making snowmobile hoods anymore because he lost interest.

So, we started building hoods for ourselves. This soon evolved into building seats and (eventually) entire asphalt snowmobiles built for drag racing for customers around the US. And now we are currently featured on Street Outlaws with No Prep Kings.

A Commitment to Quality

We take every step and use every method to ensure we don’t build low-quality products. Every single part from our shop was hand-made by an expert mechanic and boasts a high level of craftsmanship that is unparalleled by our contemporaries.

One-of-a-Kind Parts

The unique hoods, seats, and other parts you get from our shop can’t be found or replicated anywhere else. While other businesses can try to copy our custom components, their creations won’t the quality or performance of our products.

Get Connected

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about our custom parts and snowmobiles, feel free to contact our shop. We look forward to hearing from you.