Machines Made for Speed

We Build Custom Asphalt Snowmobiles and Carbon Fiber Parts

Creating Snowmobiles With Power, Speed, and Reliability

D.O.A. Dragsleds is an asphalt snowmobile racing team based in Foley, Minnesota and currently featured on Street Outlaws with No Prep Kings. D.O.A Dragsleds build and races custom-made machines. We know what it takes to win that’s why our custom sleds and carbon fiber parts are designed to give you an edge over the competition.

Full-Custom Asphalt Drag Sleds

Our team can design and build a race-ready snowmobile from start to finish. Each machine we create is optimized for use on a drag strip, producing horsepower and torque that is seldom matched by other sleds.

Quality Carbon Fiber Creations

We create custom carbon fiber hoods and seats that can help you gain an advantage over your opponents. Carbon fiber’s lightweight and outstanding durability make it the ideal material for many racing machines, including NASCAR and F1 cars.

Additionally, it can be made into nearly any shape imaginable so we can build parts with the exact specification your sled needs to increase its performance.

Unmatched Experience and Expertise

D.O.A. Dragsleds has been building and racing asphalt snowmobiles since 2017. Throughout the years, we’ve gained the knowledge, experience, and skill sets needed to consistently win on the drag strip.

We now use everything we’ve learned to help you win and keep winning.

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Build Your Ideal Race Machine Today

Contact our team if you’re interested in building a custom drag sled. You can also ask us any questions or concerns you have about asphalt snowmobile racing. We are more than happy to help you.